Highly Effective Ayurvedic Therapies for Health & Longevity

By now, you may have fairly a good idea of which constitution type you are. While each of us has all three energies, usually only one or two are dominant, making most of us bi-doshic. According to Ayurveda, our doshic balance is influenced by both the food we eat as well as our environment. In other words, stress, an unhealthy diet, strained relationships and even weather can throw our doshas off balance, causing us to develop diseases.

That is why Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe treatment designed to bring our doshas back into balance instead of focusing on relieving symptoms. Thus, after determining a person’s constitution and diagnosing his problems, an Ayurvedic doctor generally prescribes one or more of the following :


- Dietary Recommendations

- Herbs

- Massage Therapy

- Yoga

- Meditation / Breathing Exercise

- Panchakarma ( Detoxification )

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